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A group of chapters in the second half of Leviticus that emphasizes YHWH’s holiness and outlines specific procedures that Israelites must follow to exemplify holiness in their interactions with each other.

Holiness Code


A Jewish commemoration of the last night the Israelites were in bondagein Egypt when they were protected from the Angel of Death.



The resting place for the Ark of the Covenant until Solomon’s Temple wasbuilt.



An agreement in which the suzerain protects a less powerful vassal in exchange for the vassal’s loyalty.

Suzerain treaty


Military leader of the Israelites after Moses’ death.



The first ruler of the ten northern tribes after their secession from the Davidic monarchy.




The last judge of Israel as well as a prophet and priest who played a major role in establishing Israel’s monarchy.



A city the bible portrays as conquered by Joshua but that likely was not actually inhabited at the time.



The southern kingdom named after one of the tribes that remained loyal to the Davidic dynasty when the ten northern tribes seceded.


the reason why so few Judean kings and none in the northern kingdom are judged positively in the Deuteronomistic History

They allowed the worship of gods other than YHWH and/or sacrifices to be made outside of the Jerusalem Temple


Obey God and prosper; disobey God and suffer.

Deuteronomic Retributive Theology


Historical Context when 1st edition of Deuteronomistic History was written and edited

During Josiah's reign


Historical Context when 2nd edition of Deuteronomistic History was written and edited.

After Babylon's destruction of Jerusalem.


josiah and solomon

weakness: didnt speak to god to stop the distraction of judah. His turning to greek the egyptian troops sometimes described as a deviation from diving guidance.
Standing for tolerance and embracing diversity,he could be critiqued for abolishing any diversity of religious worship, saying it has to be my way, espically contrasting him and solomin. Him and solomin could be highlighted as a weakness.
Him and solomin, what could be highlighted as a weakness for him, all of his wifes, could be elevated as a diversity because it could be viewed as an allegiance with the surrounding territory and people.

The officials during josiahs reign are saying hey solomin, with all these wifes you were also bringing in the worship of other gods but solomon could say hey great international, foreign policy, inclusion of different cultures.

Greatest strengths for solomin and josiah:
solomons construction of the temple:
josiah rather than being found it was being written during his reign to implement his policies. According to biblical scholarship, his religious reforms imspired some of the content of duteronomy and the duteronomic history, just reforms themselves would be highlighted by the duteronimistc reforms and to centralize worship to focus worship on yahweh alone.

Solomon expands territory of judah to include northern portions of judah that had fallen to syria as well.