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What will endometrial biopsy accomplish?

r/o presence of cancerous or precancerous tissue


Day 21 progesterone tells us what?

serum progesterone rises after ovulation (corpus luteum produces) - indicates patient did in fact ovulate


Day 3 FSH tells us what?

FSH is the hormone that stimulates growth of dominant follicle. As women get older, more and more FSH is needed from anterior pituitary to stimulate follicle to grow. Essentially tells us how hard brain has to work to get woman to ovulate. If the level is high, it is significant warning that the patients ovaries are aging - concern. Usually ordered with estrogen (should be low) to confirm that patient did FSH on third day, not late in the cycle


Prolactin test why?

elevated prolactin reduces LH/FSH (GnRH)
"elevated prolactin levels can cause problems with both ovulation and receptivity of the uterine lining"



hystero - uterus
salphin - tubes
X-ray test that uses contrast injected into uterus and tubes to confirm wheather uterus is normal and tubes open
better than CT


CT scan of pelvis

for investigation of anatomical matters, sometimes hysterosalpinogram is better


TSH why?

ROUTINE if patients struggling with infertility. Hypothyroidism can cause anovulation. Also important to have normal TSH levels during pregnancy.