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95 MYA The United States was an ocean.

Ref: Nova: Making N. America


Episode #2: Earth moving
America moves 2 inches each year. So how much has our house moved?

Our house has moved 44 inches since we have lived here. That is almost 4 feet.

Since the house was built in 1968, it has moved 8.5 feet!
No wonder these houses have cracked foundations and broken Drain stacks!


Ref. world’s greatest geological wonders. The great courses.

Mount Fuji has a base circumference of 78 miles!

On the Galapagos islands whalers would capture giant tortoises and put them on board the ships for food on long voyages. Some ships would take as many as 700 on one hunting trip. They pretty much drove the giant tortoises to extinction as they took over 300,000 of them.

Grand Canyon age.

Top layer 240 million years ago.

Next layer by river, 540 MYA.

Next layer 825 MYA.

Next layer 1.25 BYA.

Next layer 1.7 - 2 BYA.