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Why did the worlds population increase

Agricultural revolution because there was a more stable food supply, less famine

Industrial/scientific revolution- better farming techniques. Advances in medicine and healthcare so more people's lives are saved


What are the factors effecting population change

Food supply
Improved technology
Health improvements
The status of women


Explain how food supply impacts population change

When people have enough food they are likely to be healthy and live longer. Population grows when there is enough food


Explain how health impacts population change

Improved access to clean water decreases risk of disease. Improved healthcare and vaccinations enables people to live longer


Explain how war impacts population change

People killed in wars. During wars agriculture, water and health services are destroyed and leads to increased death rates.


What problems does Calcutta face because of high population densities

Shortage of clean water- people on shanty towns are not connected to the water supply and many people live on the streets. They do not have access to clean water. Many people drink unclean water
Overcrowding- more than 32000 people per km2. Living in shanty towns, streets, bridges
Pollution- waste thrown on street
Future growth - migrants and birth rate


Explain the problems in Hong Kong because of high population density

Hong Kong is a wealthy country with a very high population density

Refugees- millions from neighbouring countries
Shortage of clean sea- polluted by industrial and household waste
Pollution- effects people's health, traffic and factories. People wear masks during summer if pollution is bad
Lack of space- most people live in hide rise flats and polders have been developed for airports and factories.


Give reasons why population growth is good

The rapid population growth means children are living longer lives and get to experience adulthood. More people means more developments in technology and science.


Why is population growth bad

However, this rapid population growth is causing huge problems on our planet. Many people now agree that there are too many people on the planet and that we should try to stop the population from increasing further.

•More people on the planet means more environmental damage such as deforestation, desertification, and species extinction. It is also contributing to the problem of global warming.