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Paulo Coehlo


Book opens with the alchemist finding a story in a book from someone in the caravan about

Narcissus, a boy who knelt by the pond admiring his own reflection and reflection. Narcissus fell in and drown and a flower, the Narcissus was born. The fresh water became salty tears the lake replied to the fairies. The lake saw its own beauty reflected.


The shepherd boy name was

Santiago who had been travelling with sheep for two years


Santiago first slept in a

an abandoned church where he made sure no sheep could get out. used book as pillow. needed thicker book to last longer and make better pillow


what did santiago talk to the sheep about

the last few days about a girl the daughter of a merchant


what is a typical andalusian (in Spain) girl

flowing black hair and eyes that vaguely recalled the Moorish conquerers; she made him to desire to live in one place


the only things that concerned sheep

food and water


define zenith



santiago did what until he was 16

attended the seminary to elevate his farming family status but it was more important for him to learn about the world than learn God and others sins; he wanted to travel and so became a shepherd the father gave him 3 coins to buy a flock and his blessing


what makes life worth living

the possibility of having a dream come true; in Tarifa there was a person who could interpret dreams


his dream was

children played with sheep, he got transported to egyptian pyramids and was told that there was a hidden treasure; she didn't charge him but she said she wanted 1/10 of the treasure when he found it


what else did she say

its the simple things in life that are most extraordinary; only wise men know this


the old man

could read; said the book was irritating because it said the same thing all books do tat people have an inability to choose their own legends and that we all believe the same lie -- that are lives are controlled by fate and we lose control; he called himself the king of salem Melchizedek - he did a reading and knew anything


when you really want something

it is because the desire originated in the soul of the universe; the sol of the world is nourished by people's happiness


in the long run what people thin about bakers and shepherds

becomes more important than their own personal legends


the miner found

an emerald


if you promise to give what you do not have yet

you will lose your desire to work at getting it


Egypt is in




had come from Levant at the eastern end of the Meditteranean; people called the wind the levanter


People fail to recognize

the good things that happen in their lives everyday that the sun rises


principle of favorability

aka beginner's luck whets your appetite with a taste of success


the old man wore

a breast plate of heavy gold covered with precious stones


Black and white

Uri and Thummim, yes and no, always ask an objective question TRY TO MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS


the secret of happiness

is to see all the marvels of the world and never forget the drops of oil on the spoon; a shepherd map want to travel but should never forget about his sheep


what distracted him in the market in Tangier

a sword encrusted with precious stones in an Arab open market


learn to recognize omens

and follow them


he traveled how many hours by ship to the new place

two hours


there must be a language that doesn't depend on words

he with sheep/ Spanish with Arabic then he could learn to understand the world - all things are one as the old man said


merchants he met

day one: candy day two: crystal


he cleaned the crystal in order

to earn food but the Koran requires one to feed a hungry person


five obligation of Koran

believe on one true God, pray five times a day, fast during Ramadan and be charitable to the poor. Fifth obligation is a pilgrimage to Mecca. That is why he started the shop


Egypt dream was replaced with a dream

to go home and buy more sheep maybe double; he could now also do business with the Arabs as he knew their language; he stayed at the crystal shop for a year


pipe used by Arabs

called a hookah


every blessing ignored becomes a

curse said the crystal shop owner; maktub - it is written, sometimes there is no way to hold back the river and so the crystal tea shop;


sheep couldn't teach him



language of enthusiasm

things accomplished with love and purpose and as part of a something believed in and desired


THe Englishman had studied

Esperanto,then the world's religions ,and now it was alchemy (was intriqued by any one who can change any metal into gold?)


when someone makes a decision

he is really diving into a strong current that will carry hi to places he had never dreamed of when he made the decision


luck and coincidence

those words that the universal language is written


define caprcious



who went on the desert caravan

200 people 400 animals women children men with swords, Englishmen with books, each with their own God. the caravan leader answered to Allah. In the desert disobedience means death. THe boy swore to Jesus Christ. THE Englishmen to nothing.


the most important text in the literature of alchemy

contained only a few lines and was inscribed on the surface of an emerald it's the emerald tablet


the liquid part of the Master WOrj

Elixir of life anf cured all illnesses; kept alchemist from growing old


solid part

small sliver of stone can transform large quantities of metal into gold; Philosopher's stone; purifiying metal purify self


Year written or copyrighted?



the caravan stopped what

fires to avoid raids


don't live in past or future

concentrate only on present; life will be a party;life is the moment we are living right now


Englishman said that maybe god created the desert so that man

could appreciate the date trees


neutral territories

oases were places of refuge and contained many women and children


in pursuit of dream shepherd was

constantly subjected to tests of his persistence and courage. So he could not be hasty, not impatient. If he pushed forward he would fail to see the signs


married women at the oasis

dress in black


where did the shepherd meet the girl with the dark eyes and the veil named Fatima

at the well; here was the omen he had looked for all along; the pure language of the world just as the universe needs none; everything under the sun has been written by one hand. the hand that evokes love; maktub (so it is written)


the war seemed a curse but was a blessing

because it brought the shepherd to Fatima


desert men vs shep

married shepherds had a difficult time convincing to go to distant fields; the desert takes men and they do not always return


the boy sitting at the palm trees had a vision of

an army attacking the oasis


what is a seer



the seer in the desert that the camel driver visited used what to see the past or future or know the present

he would through twigs; he said that he guessed at the future based on the omens of the present; that only god knew the future;


the camel driver told the shepherd to go see who about his vision

the tribal chieftans


define bade...



define habituated....



second vision

horsemen falcon turban white horse curved sword


define prognostications....



define scabbard...



the alcehmist said quality most essential to understand the language of the world

courage; love the desert but never trust in completely; it challenges every step and kills those who become distracted


define scimitars



why did the tribesmen violate the tradition

because they were starving and hungry and needed to prepare to return to war


how did they kill the one they captured

hung him from a dead palm tree


what did the alchemist feed the shepherd

the hawks that the shepherd saw the day before


sell the camel buy a



remember that wherever your heart is

you will find your treasure


life attracts life - what animal did the horse find in te desert

a cobra


THE ALCHEMIST SAYS TO allow him to take him to the pyramids or understand

that the omens will abandon him in the fourth year because he didn't listen and then it will be too late


Fatima used to look at the desert with longing but now she looked with



IF what one finds is of pure matter

it will never spoil and on e can always come back


the camel driver was a teacher

without realizing it


the alchemist rode with what bird on his shoulder

a falcon


there is only one way to learn said the alchemist

through action


what was on the emerald tablet

a direct path to the soul of the world; this world is a copy of paradise; what was written could not be understand by reason alone


what did he mean by action

the existence of the world is simply a guarantee that there exists a world that is perfect. God created the world so that through its visible objects men could understand the spiritual teaching and the marvels of wisdom.


Listen to your heart

it knows all things because it came from the soul of the world and it will one day return there. wherever your heart is that is where you find your treasure.


define treasoness...



people don't pursue their most important dreams

because they feel they don't deserve them or they are unable to achieve them; fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself; aa heart that has suffered when it goes in search of its dreams -- every second of the search is a second's encounter with God and with eternity.


all people who are happy

have God within them; happiness can be found in a grain of sand because sand is a moment of creation


before a dream is realized

the soul of the world tests everything that was learned along the way. it does this not because it is evil but so that we can in addition to realizing our dreams master the lessons we've learned as we've moved toward that dream


Every search begins with beginner's luck and ends with

the victor being severely tested; the darkest hour of the night came just before the dawn


define philosopher...



define elixir



when you possess great treasures within you ad try to tell others of them

seldom are you believed


the boy's strongest qualitiies

courage to give up sheep and live out his Personal Legend, and enthusiaism during the time he had worked in the crystal shop


his heart helped him

by taking away father's gun and falling asleep in field avoiding murder- the heart does what it can


your eyes show

the strength of your soul


everything in the universe evolved. for wise men gold is the metal that evolved the furthest.

but gold instead of being seen as a symbol of evolution became the basis of conflict


true alchemists locked themselves in their lab and tried to evolve as gold had and th found the philosophers stone

because they understood that when something evolves everything around that thing evolves as well


anyone who interferes with the personal legend of another thing

never will discover his own


the tribesmen were

dressed in blue with black rings surrounding their turbans; blue veils, their eyes spoke of death


brave men

despise cowards


did the tribe put them in prison

no they just confiscated their horses


what did the alchemist do with the tea

pour it over the boy's wrists


don't give in to your fears

or you wont be able to talk to your heart


there is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to fear

the fear of failure


the world

is the visible aspect of god



does bring the spiritual perfection into contact with the material plane


the boy talk to the desrt

about the loved person he is holding and the chain between the falcon and the game and the human and ho it is love


the desert

gave the by sand and said to talk to the wind


the wind knew of the talk with the desert

the wind there is called the sirocco in his homeland it was the levanter - the iwnd came from no place at all and goes to no place at all therefore it is stronger than the desert


he had inside him

the winds the deserts the oceans the stars and everything created in the universe ALL MADE BY THE SAME HAND


the wind told him to talk to heaven

the boy said yes bought asked for a sandstorm so that he could look to heaven. THe men called is a simum


the boy talked to the desert and then the wind and then the sun the sun says that the greatest problem until now

is that only minerals and vegetables understand that all things are one - all things would be at peace if the hand stopped on the fifith day; the sixth day was the problem



show that when we strive to become better than we are everything around us becomes betters to.


love is not

static like desert, roaming like wind, or see everything from distance


when the boy showed the suns limitations

the wind blew harder


only GOd can perform miracles

but he saw that the soul of god was his own soul and that he could perform miracles


who smiled after the storm

the alchemist because he found the pefect disciple and the chief because the disciple had nderstood the glory of god


they were escorted to a monastery three hours from the pyramid where he went

to the kitchen and took a sliver from the yellow egg he carried along with lead; making a disk of gold. HE gave a quarter to the monk, ang gave some to though eboy and o part the alchemist kept. THen he gave the last quarter for te monk to hold in case the boy ever needs it because he lost his savings twice...everything that happens twice wil surely appen a third time


story about EMperoro TIberius

two sons -- a poet and military; dream that the words of one of his sons would be repeated throughout the world - the story was about the military son who was looking for the son of God to cure a servant " I am ntworthy that you should come under my roof but only speak a word and my servant shall be healed"


no matter what he does

eveyr person on earth plays a central role in th ehistory of the world and normally he doesn't know it


define avidly..



be aware of the place where you are brought to tears

that is where I am and that is where your treasure is


who tdid the boy meet

a king, a merchant, an Englishman and an alchemist and a woman wo told him that love would never kept aman from his personal legend


where the boys tears had fallen

a scarab beetle scuttled through the sand -- in Egypt they are a symbol of GOd


what happened when he started to dig?

he found nothing, gotten beaten up and then someone told hi he had the same dream only it was go to Spain to a sacristy at the roots of a sycampre; now he knew where his treasure was


define abraded



what did he find under the tree

a chest of Spanish gold coins, mask, stones


when did he use Urim and Thumim

only once in a marketplace


Life is generous

to those who pursue their personal legends; he had to get to tarfa to give 1/10 to the gypsy wman


how would the next book start

wit ajounrey to Fatima who sent him perfume and a first kiss on the wind


theme of the book

follow your dream; you will make mistakes but eventually you will get there


In the end the book is not justa oval but also maybe a



what stops us frm our dreams per the intro to te book

everyone tells us it is ipossible, then fear prejudice and guilt; then we need to accept love as a stimulus


intense unexpected suffering passes more quickly than

suffering that is apparently bearable; without our noticing it eats away at our soul until one day we are no longer able o free ourselves rom the bitterness and it stays with us the rest of our lives


when a personal calling is within reach why do so many people commit mistakes not to reach it

our soul fills with guilt and we see others that did ot get what they want and feelthat we do not deserve either. we forget about te obstacles we overcame and all the suffering we ndured all the things that we had to give up to get this far


if you believe yourself worthy of the thing you fought so hard to get

you become an instrument of God, you help the soul of the world and you understand why you are here.