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Reuven Malter

Protagonist, becomes friends with Danny after being hit in eye by Danny's ball, becomes rabbi, complex


David Malter

Reuven's father, passionate Zionist, helped Danny find books in the beginning, often gets sick, is very open with and talks to Reuven a lot, a very guiding figure for Reuven and also Danny


Danny Saunders

Hasid who is supposed to become his people's rabbi but instead wants to and does study psychology. He is interested in Freud, hits Reuven in the eye with his ball, is raised in silence, and is very complex as well. He is caught between the old culture of Hasidism and the new culture of fried and psychology


Reb Saunders

Danny's father, passionate anti-Zionist, raises Danny in silence to grow his soul, seems mean and harsh but has inner motives



The Malters' housekeeper


Levi Saunders

Danny's little brother who is always sick and will become his people's rabbi because Danny is not going to


Mrs. Saunders

Danny's mom, often sick as well, very nice



The boy who is next to Reuven in the hospital because he is blind. He is going to have an operation, and when Reuven finds out it didn't work it is a little loss of innocence.


Mr. Savo

The boxer who Reuven is also next to in the hospital. He calls the world "crazy" and "cock-eyed" and, if Billy represents innocence, he represents experience because he has a more negative view on the world


Dr. Snydman

Reuven and Billy's doctor who is a very good doctor


Rev Gershenson

Danny and eventually Reuven's Talmud teacher. He has a very interesting way of teaching by calling on students randomly and having them talk about passages. Reuven finds out that *he is not in the catalogue at the library because he would not be allowed to teach at the college if he published the controversial things that he believed*


Mrs. Carpenter

The nurse at the hospital


Danny's sister

A very beautiful girl who Reuven possibly had a crush on. She is promised to someone so she marries him at eighteen


Danny's sister's husband

It's all in the name


Mr. Galanter

Reuven's softball team's coach. He treats everything as though it is a battle and his team is the soldiers


Davey Cantor

The boy on Reuven's softball team who first tells Reuven that the Hasidic team are "murderers"



A member of Reuven's softball team


Dov Shlomowitz

A member of the Hasidic softball team


Sidney Goldberg

A member of Reuven's softball team


Health motif

Whenever Reuven's dad gets sick, something relating to the Zionist movement or something stressful/sad is going. This also applies to everyone, usually when someone gets sick it means that something not great is going on in their lives.


Silence motif

Danny's dad raises him in silence to grow his soul, Reuven and Danny's silence when they are forbidden from talking to each other, etc.


Blindness/glasses/eyes motif

Reuven could possibly go blind at the beginning, Billy is blind, a lot of people have glasses, etc.


Friendship theme

Danny and Reuven's friendship and how it evolves, grows, and changes


Father-son relationships theme

Reuven and David's relationship, Reb and Danny's relationship, Billy and his father's relationship


Blindness theme

Billy's blindness, Reuven's temporary blindness, metaphorical blindness


War theme

WWII, war for and against Zionist state, internal wars, war between the softball teams, etc.


Silence theme

Reb raising Danny in silence, Reuven and Danny's silence when Danny is forbidden from associating with Reuven


Friends from enemies

Reuven and Danny were enemies but they become best friends


Judaism/religion theme

Different sects and their different traditions, Hasidism vs. normal orthodox, different ways of studying Talmud and practicing religion, different views on religion and what is okay to do and not do, how it defines their lives, actions, personalities, and thoughts


Opposition theme

Zionists vs. anti-Zionists, Hasids vs. normal Orthodox Jews, ideals of Reb vs. ideals of David, etc.


Difficult times theme

WWII, FDR's death, fight for Zionist state, find out about Holocaust, etc.



Yeshivas, Talmud education, college (Columbia for Danny's grad school), undergrad college, etc.


Learning to appreciate what you have theme

Reuven with Danny, eyesight until you're blind, etc.


Breaking the mold/developing your own identity theme

Danny becoming a psychologist, Reuven becoming a rabbi, etc.


Vision, appearance vs. reality theme

Danny appears to be a normal Hasid, but actually wants to study Freud, etc.


Prejudices and overcoming them theme

Prejudices between Hasids and normal Orthodox Jews, Danny and Reuven overcame them


Old culture vs. modern life theme

Danny is caught between the old culture of Hasidism and the new culture of Freud and psychology and education



- in New York
- WWII/end of WWII time period
- introduces differences between Hasidic Jews and normal Orthodox Jews
-Hasidic Jews are insulting the Orthodox Jews
-starts in softball field
-plays softball game against Hasidic team that is very good
-Reuven gets hit in the eye with a softball (the softball that Danny Saunders hit “purposely” at him)
-Reuven goes to hospital, coach brings him
-people are scared that he may be blind
-stays in hospital, meets Billy, a blind kid, and Mr. Savo, an old boxer who got an eye injury
-WWII going on, US making progress in Europe
-stays in hospital, wants to go outside and see
-father visits and father gradually gets sicker as Reuven stays in the hospital
-Mr. Galanter visits Reuven
-meets Billy and his father, they agree that Reuven seems like a nice boy
- Mr. Savos says he should have never been a boxer and that he should have been a priest


Rising action

-Danny visits Reuven in the hospital
-Danny apologizes to Reuven for hurting him
-Reuven doesn’t want to be friends with Danny
-Danny explains how for some reason when he was at bat he wanted to kill Reuven
-Reuven still doesn't want to be friends with Danny
-Danny leaves
-Reuven’s father visits and brings Danny his radio to listen to news about WWII
-Reuven's father tells Reuven that he should befriend Danny
-Reuven promises Billy’s father he will visit Billy once Billy’s operation is finished
- Mr. Savos is behind a curtain in the middle of the night, Reuven is worried, but meets Danny in the hall for a conversation. Reuven finds out that Mr. Savos got eye surgery to remove his hurt eye the next day.
-Danny visit Reuven while Mr. Savos is behind curtain, they start to warm up to each other and Danny tells Reuven about him reading forbidden books in the library, Reuven’s Dad shows up and it is revealed that reuven’s Dad is the man that gives book recommendations to Danny.
-Reuven and Danny become friends and spend many prayer sessions together
-When Reuven gets out of the hospital he feels like the time spent there was longer than it actually was, notices things about his house he hadn’t before
-Reuven visits Danny and Reb saunders at their synagogue, witnesses that Danny gets quizzed by Reb Saunders on the talmud
-Reuven is asked to answer a somewhat mathematical question that Danny was unable to answer, and he gets it correct, so Reb Saunders approves of Danny’s and Reuven’s friendship
-The war in europe has ended and now what happened to Jews is revealed, zionist movement (a common state for Jews) begins



-Reb Saunders learns that David Malter spoke for the Zionist movement, bans Danny from seeing/talking Reuven


Falling action

- Danny and Reuven don't talk for a while
- one day Danny's father allows him to start talking to Reuven again



- Danny and Reuven make up and their fathers somewhat makeup
- Danny goes to Columbia
- Reuven and Danny both graduated with high honors
- Reuven and Danny part ways with a vague/open-ended promise to study Talmud together again



Brooklyn/Williamsburg, New York