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Qualifications for the House

25 years old, US citizen for 7 years, and a resident of the state you represent


Which part of the government has the sole power of impeachment?

The House


Powers of Congress

Tax, regulate immigration, declare war, copyrights, and patents


Legislative Powers

Set their own pay

Can't be tried or arrested for things said on the floor or in committees


Qualifications for the Senate

30 years old, US citizen for 9 years, resident of the state you represent


Which branch of government has the sole power of trying impeachments?

The Senate (with a 2/3 vote)


Qualifications for the President

35 years old, natural citizen, resident for 14 years


Requirements for Federal Judges

Appointed by the President, then approved by the Senate


Article IV: State and Federal Government Rights

Provides for admission of new states to the USA

Extradition - States (or countries) work with each other to capture and return runaway suspects


Article V: Amending the Constitution

Provides for addition of amendments


Article VI: General Provisions

Declares that the Constitution and all its laws are the supreme law of the land


Amendments 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, and 9

1) Freedom of Religion, the Press, Expression, and to protest peacefully

2) Right to Bear Arms

5) Right to Remain Silent "Miranda Rights"

7) Trail by Jury in Civil Cases

8) Cruel and Unusual Punishment

9) Powers Reserved to the People
- guarantees people all other rights not stated


Preamble (The Six Purposes to our Government)

1) To form a more perfect Union
2) Establish Justice
3) Insure domestic Tranquility
4) Provide for the common defense
5) Promote the general Welfare
6) Secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity