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What are three basic features that should be identified by a facility profile?

If should identify the building structure, function, and occupants.


What are the four basic elements of facility security that the property manager relies on?

Physical barriers


What are the key security areas that require proper security measures in every building?

Ventilation intakes
Locks and key control


What are the three functional assemblies of a lock?

A latch for bolt – holds the movable parts, such as a door or window, to its frame
A maze obstacle segment or tumbler array that is the barrier that must be passed to move the bolt.
The key for unlocking device that is specifically designed to pass the barrier and move the ball


What are the three common types of bolts and latches?

Spring-loaded latches – automatically engages the strike by action of the spring
Deadbolts – must be manually moved into the strike
Spring-loaded deadbolt latch – like a dead bolt latch but can only be opened with the key


What is a change key?

Standard key that fits a single lock within a master key system or any other single lock that is not a part of a Master Key system


What is a sub master key?

The key that opens all locks in a particular area or grouping in the facility.


What is a grand master key?

The key that opens every lock and key system involving two or more master keys.


What is a control key?

It is a maintenance key that removes the core of the lock from the housing and allows the combination for the lock to be reset.


What are the three types of protective lighting?

Continuous lighting – series of fix lights flood the protected area with overlapping cones of light.
Glare protection lighting – used to illuminate the perimeter of facility. Creates glare in the eyes of intruder while building remains in darkness.
Controlled lighting – parking lots


What is Watch tour monitoring?

Specifically designed hardware and software used to document a security officers patrol.


Other than cost, what you look for when identifying a quality security company?

Documented proof of comprehensive hiring procedures and training
Hiring – education and prior employment, criminal history, screen for substance abuse, administering preemployment screening, conducting personal interviews
Training – preassigned the training, on-the-job training, retraining systems, management training


What are the two types of physical barriers and what are some examples of each type?

Physical barriers are natural barrier such as bodies of water, earth berms, plantings, and mountains; and structural barriers such as walls, fences, grills, and bars.


What is the difference between intrusion contacts and wire and screen sensors?

Intrusion Contacts use a magnetic or spring-loaded switch that breaks electrical circuit during unauthorized entry; wire and screen sensors used electrical conductors woven into screen fabric to detect cutting or removal.


What is the difference between motion detectors and photoelectronic sensors?

Motion detector sensed changes in heat, vibration, or soundwaves; photo electronic sensors detect the breaking of a beam of light.


How do CCTV cameras support security personnel?

Close circuit television cameras provide unobtrusive surveillance, allow identification prior to entry or exit, provided deterrent, can record incidents, provide better and more effective use of security personnel.


What are the major issues to consider when determining the number of security officers needed to monitor facility?

Issues to consider are building hours of operation, number of contacts, vehicle entrances, number and type of patrols per shift, and whether escort or other special services will be provided.


Which is a structural barrier related to facility security?
Earth berm
Body of water



Physical barriers, both natural and structural, are used to do all of the following except:

Notify authorities of an emergency
Delay and impede unauthorized entry
Restrict and channel the flow of traffic
Provide for efficient and effective use of security personnel

Notify authorities of an emergency


In a facility, the key that opens all locks that are part of a hierarchal key system is a:
Change key
Maison key
Master key
Sub master key

Master key


A sensor that detects intrusion by breaking the beam of light is a (N):
Intrusion contact
Wire and screen sensor
Motion detector
Photoelectric sensor

Photoelectric sensor


All of the following are issues to consider when determining the number of security officers needed to monitor a facility except:
Building hours of operation
The number of contacts (people passing by)
Vehicle entrances and their operating hours
Frequency of OSHA inspections

Frequency of OSHA inspections


Fill in the blank: data gathering devices the capture watch tour security information via magnetic strips or barcodes are part of a (n) _____watch tour system.
Closed circuit



Identification of the quality security company depends on documented proof of comprehensive and proper:
Uniforms and procedures
Posted patrols
Hiring and training
Expenses and fees

Hiring and training


Who should be represented on the incident response management team?

Each business function or building tenant.


What should happen to incident response management team members that do not attend meetings or fully engage in the planning process?

They should be replaced


What data should be gathered as part of an emergency response plan?

– Name, title, and department or building location
– Phone contact numbers
– Emergency contact numbers
– Email addresses


What are the basic areas that should be addressed concerning task assignments in an emergency response plan?

– Establish communication channel for upper management
– Establish command center location and stock with supplies
– Establish expectations for all employees who are aware of incident
– Evacuation plan
– Notification procedures for in-house security and local authorities
– Identify equipment and staff will secure affected areas
– Identify qualified medical staff
– Develop public response plan
– Procedures for alternate work locations


What is included in a technical operations analysis?

– Data storage and backup
– Recovery processes and timetables
– Capturing programming modifications
– Unique systems identification


To ensure full commitment, who should introduce a business recovery plan?

The president or senior management