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Hitler formed a ______ with the __________ so that he had a ______ in the _______ and could start to get things done.

Nationalist party


On _______ Hitler passed the ___________. He had used some ______ to do this.

23rd March 1933
Enabling bill
Underhand tactics


1. Which party members couldn’t vote?
2. What happened if people were absent?
3. Who intimated members as they entered the Reichstag?
4. Who did Hitler make promises to not interfere with?

1. Communist
2. They were counted as present and voting in favor Bill
3. The SA
4. Catholics


Due to all these tactic Hitler was able to pass the _______. This meant he could make ____ without _____ the Reichstag for the next _______. The act enabled hitler to turn Germany into a _______.

Enabling Act
4 years


With the power of the enabling act hitler then:
1. What did he ban and do to leaders?
2. What else did he ban?
3. Who did he put in charge of state governments?
4. What did he use to make sure people didn’t challenge the Nazis?

1. Opposing parties and put them into concentration camps.
2. Trade unions
3. Nazis
4. Fear and intimidation