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Who were peasants reliant on and why?

Under tenants who provided the land to be worked


Who were under tenants reliant on and why?

Tenants in chief who gave them land and privileges


Who were tenants in chiefs reliant on and why?

King who granted land as well as providing peace, law and protection


Who was the King reliant on?

Everyone underneath him.
Tenants in Chief gave him knight service; under tenants provide tenants in chief with military service and justice and peasants work the land to provide food and produce


Give three reasons why tenants in chief were important

Military- provided band of knights
Social- organised the distribution of land
Economic- owed the king a share of their revenue and became extremely wealthy
Political- many served on the royal council advising the King


How many days were given as knight service?

40 days


How important were knights?

Quite important. Knights effectively replaced thegns as under tenants


What responsibilities were given to under tenants?

Oversaw local courts (manorial courts)
Lord of the manor overseeing a town or set of villages


What was relief?

A payment made by the heir to a land holding so they can inherit their father’s land


Why was relief useful for William?

Ensured loyalty as that would mean lower relief payments
Leverage of the Norman nobles as they were obsessed with passing down power.


What was labour service?

Working the Lord’s land in return for the use of the land


What was forfeiture?

When a land owner did not fulfil his duty, his land would be taken away