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What do the four noble truths teach us?

The truths form the basis of the dharma and teach the cause, end and solution to human suffering.


What is the first truth?

All life must involve suffering. This is because of anicca. Everything changes and this creates suffering.


What is the second noble truth?

Dukkha is caused by craving/wanting things. There are three types of craving: wanting things we don’t have, wanting to be something we are not and wanting something that is not be be.


What is the third noble truth?

To end tanha and dukkha we must stop wanting things. As everything changes our desires can never be satisfied. Only by stopping cravings can we end suffering.


What is the fourth noble truth?

We can end tanha and dukkha by following the Noble Eightfold Path. This will help us to develop qualities such as wisdom and concentration that will allow us to end suffering.