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management and tx of geriatrics


in the next 15-20 yrs, elderly will be __-__% of dental practice



endo concerns in old people: more __, smaller ___, larger and more complex __ impact access, time and __ constraints of pt, longer/ more __ due to pt limitaions

calcifications, canals, restorations, physical, appointments


prosthetic concern in old people- time and __ constraints, __ status of patient, tooth loss is not __ __ but due to longer period of time at risk for disease or accident, shortened __ __ (premolars foreword), quality of __ issues (social, nutrition)

physical, functional (OHI, ability to remove appliances, meds), age related, shortened, life


pros of cast metal partials- provide support to __ __ teeth, easy to adjust __, easy to __ __

perio involved, clasps, add teeth


cons of cast metal partials- harder to __/__, may need to recontour teeth for __ __, clasps in anterior can be __ problem

insert/remove, guide planes, esthetic


pros of thermoplastic partials- no __ clasps, are thin and flexible, made out of _ resin, are __ so they are easier to speak and eat, lifetime warranty, stain resistant resin, good esthetics

metal, nylon, flexible


cons of thermoplastic partials- difficult to __, fit and adjust, can't ____, don't provide __ to perio teeth

finish, add teeth, support


tx planning first appointment for implant support dentures

diagnostic models, shade, construct stabilized bite rims, impression trays


tx planning second appointment for implant support dentures

final impression- closed tray or open tray (dk what this means), prepare abutments if desired, can also be done by lab, get bite at proper vertical, lab can cast bar and instruct stabilized base


tx planning third appointment for implant support dentures

try in bar (cemented or screw retained), try in base and check for fit and retention, take final bite registration


tx planning fourth appointment for implant support dentures

deliver final denture