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Who is Oenomaus

King of Pisa. Is in love with his daughter Hippodamia.


How does Oenomaus decide who will be the suitor of Hippodamia?

Whoever can beat him in a chariot race. If they lose they are killed.


Who helps Pelops beat Oenomaus in a race, and what does he ask for in return?

Myrtilus weakens the linchpin of Oenomaus' chariot, and asks for the first night with Hippodamia.


What does Pelops do when Myrtilus asks for the fight night with Hippodamia.

Myrtilus is kicked off a cliff, and curses the Atreus line.


What do Atreus and Thyestes do, and where are they exiled?

Murder Chrysippus and are exiled to Mycenae.


What does the oracle say to determine the king of Mycenae?

Choose one of the Pelops son. The one who can produce the golden fleece.


Who had the golden fleece and how did he get it?

Atreus had found a golden lamb, and vowed it to Artemis.


How did Thyestes get the golden fleece?

He slept with his wife Aerope, and stole it.


How did Zeus show his displeasure to Thyestes getting throne.

Sun moves from west to east (backwards).


What does Atreus do to get his revenge to Thyestes?

Holds a banquet and serves Thyestes children to him. Thyestes curses Atreus.


What does the oracle tell Thyestes?

Son by his own daughter will kill Atreus.


How do Thyestes and Pelopia meet?

Thyestes rapes her not knowing she is his daughter, and leaves his sword.


Who does Atreus remarry? And who is her son?

Pelopia. Son Aegisthus.


Who does Atreus send to kill thyestes after catching him?

Sends Aegisthus to kill him.


What is the recognition token that leads Thyestes to recognize his child.

The sword.


What happens to Pelopia and Atreus?

Pelopia kills herself when she realises she slept with her father, and Aegisthus kills Atreus.