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What is the sinus or antrum?

A hollow cavity in the bone that is lined with mucous membrane


What is the main dental sinus?

The maxillae which is found either side of the nasal cavity, and actually has a hole through to it


What does the maxillae sinus give us?

Our tone of voice and lightens the weight of our head


What is the name of a damaged sinus?

An oro-Antral fistula or commutation


How would you diagnose a oro-antral fistula?

Ask the patient to nip their nose, and gently try to breathe out through it- blood would bubble at the base of the extraction socked if it is damaged or when the patient rinses it may enter the nose


What is the meaning or a perforation?

To put a hole through something


What would you advise a patient not to do while healing from a perforation?

Not the blow their nose


What is an inflamed sinus called?

Sinusitis- common condition if a patient has a cold


What can inflammation of the sinus be mistaken as and why?

Toothache as the pressure passes through the superior dental nerve