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What is the function of the neck?

Major conduit between head and trunk
contains mm, lymph, vessels, nerves, viscera glands
many contents are important for life
lack bony protection, and vulnerable to neck injuries


What bones in the neck does the mandible protect?

The mandible hangs down past C1, C2, C3 and provides protection


Where is the hyoid bone in the neck?

It hangs at C3 vertebrae


What does the larynx consist of?

Thyrohyoid membrane
larygeneal prominence
Thyroid cartilage
cricothyroid membrane
cricoid cartilage


Where is the top of the airway in the neck?

larygeneal prominence


What are some features of the cervical vertebrae?

Small, short. Square vertebral body, concave superiorly, convex inferiorly.
Triangular vertebral foramen.
Trough-shaped transverse process, foramen transversarium.
Spinous process short, bifid.


What are defining features of C1 the atlas?

No vertebral body
2 lateral masses connected by anterior and posterior arches
Transverse process projects laterally more than any other cervical vertebrae
No spinous process, anterior/posterior tubercles for attachments


What are some defining features of the C2 axis?

oindointoid process that projects superiorly
Just like every other cervical vertebrae


What does the posterior longitudinal ligament become as it approaches the head?

Tectorial membrane


What does the lagamenta flava become as it approaches the head?

post atlantoaxial and post atlanto-occipital membranes


What does the supraspinous ligament become as it approaches the head?

Ligamentum nuchae


What is your adams apple?

larygeneal prominence


Where is the airway punctured if a person is choking?

The cricothyroid membrane
located between the larygeneal prominence and the cricoid cartilage