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Presentation: (4) TypesThe part of the fetus that is entering the pelvic inlet first.

1) Occiput/Head (back of head)2) Mentum/Chin3) Scapula/Shoulder4) Sacrum or Feet/Breech(ATI 121)


Fetal Lie: (2) TypesThe relationship of the maternal longitudinal axis (spine) to the fetal longitudinal axis (spine)

1) Transverse: 2) Parallel or Longitudinal (ATI 121)


Fetal Lie: Transverse (5)

Transverse: 1) Fetal long axis is horizontal2) Forms right angle to maternal axis (spine)3) Will NOT accommodate vaginal birth4) C section if fetus does not rotate spontaneously5) Scapula/Shoulder is the presenting part(ATI 121)


Fetal Lie: Parallel or Longitudinal (3)

Parallel or Longitudinal 1) Fetal long axis is parallel to maternal long axis2) Presentation is either Cephalic or Breech3) Breech presentation may require a C section(ATI 121)


Fetal Attitude: (2) TypesRelationship of fetal body parts to one another

1) Fetal Flexion2) Fetal Extension(ATI 121)


Fetal Attitude: Fetal Flexion (2)

1) Chin flexed to chest2) Extremities flexed into torso(ATI 121)


Fetal Attitude: Fetal Extension (2)

1) Chin extended away from chest2) Extremities extended(ATI 121)


Fetopelvic or Fetal Position: The relationship of the ___1___ of the fetus ___2___, preferably ___3___, in reference to its ___4___ as it relates to one of the ___5___ maternal ___6___. It is labeled with ___7___ letters.

1) presenting part 2) sacrum, mentum or occiput 3) occiput (back of head) 4) directional position 5) four 6) quadrants 7) three (ATI 121)


Fetopelvic or Fetal Position:The first letter references either the ___1___ or ___2___ side of the maternal pelvis

1) right (R)2) left (L)(ATI 121)


Fetopelvic or Fetal Position:The second letter references the ___1___ of the fetus, either ___2-4___

1) presenting part of the fetus2) occiput (O)3) sacrum (S)4) mentum (M)5) scapula (Sc)(ATI 121)


Fetopelvic or Fetal Position: The second letter references the presenting part of the fetus.1) O2) S3) M4) Sc

1) occiput (O)2) sacrum (S)3) mentum (M)4) scapula (Sc)(ATI 121)


Fetopelvic or Fetal Position: The third letter references either ___1-3___part of the maternal pelvis.

1) anterior (A)2) posterior (P)3) transverse (T)(ATI 121)


Fetopelvic or Fetal Position: StationMeasurement of fetal ___1___ in ___2___ with station 0 being at the level of an imaginary line at the level of the ___3___, minus stations are ___4___ to the ___5___, and plus stations are ___6___ to the ischial spines

1) decent2) cm3) ischial spines4) superior5) ischial spines6) inferior(ATI 121)


How many centimeters (cm) equal an inch?

2.54 cm = 1 inch


Fetal Decent:  Note ischial spines  

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