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What is a colonist?

The people themselves inside a colony were called colonists.


What were the eight main Irish clans?

1. O'Donnell.
2. O'Neil.
3. O'Flaherty.
4. O'Connor.
5. O'More.
6. O'Brien.
7. McMurrough.


What were the four rules of the Laois and Offaly Plantation?

1. Soldiers and other settlers from inside the pale were given land to rent.
2. Any contact with the native Irish was forbidden.
3. Settlers had to build STONE houses.
3. Settlers had to be provided with weapons.


What was the order of the plantations?

1. Laois and Offaly.
2. Munster.
3. Ulster.


Who is an Undertaker?

He was in charge of the plantation


Who is a Tenant?

He received land in the plantation


Who is a Servitor?

An ex-soldier


Who were the Woodkerne?

The native Irish


Give the six reasons why the EARLY plantations failed:

-lack of settlers
-the undertakers demanding high rents from the Irish
-they had no castle for protection
-the land and climate were not as good as expected
-O'Neil drive off most of the Undertakers and settlers
-the Irish raiders made life difficult and dangerous


Who came to Ireland as part of the ULSTER plantation?

-the Scots
-servitors (ex-soldiers)
-London guilds (wealthy people)
-Ordinary people from Scotland
-Tradesmen from England


Why did the Scots, Servitors, London guilds and Undertakers come to the ULSTER plantation?

Scots: told they would get nice, new, fresh land
Servitors: paid off with land
London Guilds: very wealthy people who founded Londonderry
Undertakers: had to rent out land to tenants


What are the FOUR reasons as to why the PLANTATIONS were set up?

1. The English government needed money and control over
Ireland. They introduced heavy taxes
2. It was 'guaranteed' that Ireland would be loyal to England
3. The Protestant religion would also be strengthened
4. The back door was shut to potential enemies of England, like the
French or Spanish, from using Ireland as a stepping stone to attack
them from


What is a colony?

The area settled by farmers and others was called a colony.