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What does the term, "the imminent return of Christ" mean to you and what Scriptural foundation do you have for your understanding?

Imminent return of Christ means He could come back at any moment.

Imminent return causes the believer to be ready, faithfully living, and faithfully watching for the return at any time.

It is referred to in the "thief in the night" passages and the parables that talk about a returning master.

Matthew 24-25
Mark 13
Luke 21
2 Thessalonians 2


How will the second coming be different than His first coming?

FIRST COMING- Luke 19:10
Jesus came as a Savior to seek and save the lost.

SECOND COMING - Revelation 19:11-16
Jesus will come as King of Kings and Lord of Lords to judge.


What are the major differences between the doctrines of premillennialism, post millennialism, and amillenialism?

PREMILLENNIALISM - (correct answer)
Christ returns physically to set up a literal, thousand year reign.

Revelation 20:1-10

*Don't need to mention the rapture, just the 2 comings of Christ.

Classic/Historical Premil: rapture and 2nd coming are at the same time.

Dispensational Premil: rature first, then tribulation, then 2nd coming.

The Church, through evangelistic efforts, will usher in the "golden age" of the kingdom. Jesus will return at the end of the millennium.

There is no thousand year reign.


What millennial view do you hold? Why?


Revelation 20:1-10


What Biblical passages have been most influential in developing your understanding of the Second Coming of Christ?

Matthew 24-25
signs of the times

I Thessalonians 4
Order of the resurrection (dead in Christ will rise first)

2 Peter 3
Day of the Lord- Heavens dissolve and the earth melts.

Revelation 19-20
Christ's Return and New Jerusalem