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Sonoran desert is one of the largest and hottest deserts in North America.
Also one of the wettest, with over 300mm of rainfall in some places.

It's stunningly beautiful and is home to a diversity of flora and fauna.


HOW can extremes of climates be overcome?

Using air conditioning for vehicles, houses, work places and shopping centres.
Water can be easily piped into the area for irrigation of crops, to supply drinking water and for filling swimming pools and watering golf courses.


How is this possible?

The USA is able to respond somewhat differently compared to poorer counties like India (thar desert). Money helps overcome physical difficultiesP


How do they get water to the area?

Water is piped into the area.


What is it used for?

It is used for:
⚫️ irrigation of the crops
⚫️ to supply drinking water
⚫️ filling swimming pools
⚫️ watering golf courses


Who wants to visit and why?

A recent trend in the Sonoran desert has been retirement migration, where people decide to retire to newly built housing complexes with swimming pools and golf courses.
People go there because of the clear, clean atmosphere and open spaces from an attraction to short-term holidaymakers.


What is retirement migration?

Retirement migration: migration to an area for retirement.


⚫️ Marana ⚫️

Where is Marana?

Marana Is located a few kilometres north-west of the city of Tucson in Arizona.


Explain the history of Marana. Make sure you explain the importance of irrigation and cotton.

The town began as a mid-19th century ranching and mining community.
In 1920 a new irrigation system enabled it to become an agricultural (farming) centre specialising in cotton a crop that does well in hot conditions.
Families migrated to the town to work in the cotton fields.
Agricultural production increased during the 1940s and expanded to include wheat, barley and pecans.


What happened in Marana since the 1990s?

Since the 1990s farming in the are has declined.

In 2005 only six large cotton farms remained.


How has the town overcome this?

Migration accounts for much of the growth of the town, which is thriving and wealthy business community.

In 2007 Marana began hosting golfs PGA championship.


⚫️ Managing the Sonoran Desert Conversion Plan ⚫️

What is the Sonoran Desert Conversion Plan?

The Sonoran Desert Conversion Plan is a plan to 'conserve the country's most valued natural and cultural resources, whilst accommodating the population growth and economic expansion of the community.


Why did the plan come about?

The plan resulted from concern about three threats to wild life habitats as housing developments expanded into the desert.


What initiatives have happened as a result of the plan?

⚫️ detailed mapping and inventory of the county's natural and cultural heritage.
⚫️ development of buffer zones around areas of ecological significance.
⚫️ native plant protection
⚫️ hillside development restrictions
⚫️ home design recommendations to conserve energy and water