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Author's name

Kate Chopin


When was The Story of an Hour published?



#1 Discuss foreshadowing that is in the short story. What are they? How does this help readers? Does it hinder readers? Why or why not?
foreshadow moment 1 is:

1. Louise has heart condition- ends up dying in end


#1 continued...
- woman's purpose in that time period is to have children
- woman lives for:

1. her husband
2. her children
3. herself


foreshadow moment 2

2. knowing she's a woman Josephine & Richards must break news to her that husband died


foreshadow moment 3

3. Josephine concerned that she may commit suicide because her main purpose for living is no longer there


#1 continued
Explain her experience of freedom

"free" to live for herself because husband dies but actually experiences freedom through death
- helps readers w/ element of twist


foreshadowing moment 4

- Mallard's name on list of killed but he could still be alive. It was never confirmed
- Richards notified her too quickly (2nd pg)


foreshadow 5

nature shows through patches of blue in sky amongst the clouds and trees etc to represent her thoughts towards her freedom


#2 How does nature react to the news of Mr. Mallard's death? What does this suggest?

Example 1

- She sees clouds and patches of blue sky
- tops of trees alive
- In springtime, new life in Air, everything is alive
- a renewal in springtime:
--"Breathe of rain" in air but no actual rain. there's a promise of rain
---Rain is good and symbolizes rebirth


#2 cont...

she DOES NOT get new life she envisioned to be.
- the day before she prayed to live a long life
-- ironically she dreaded living a long life of suppression
- promise of good life is foreshadowed in clouds
- she will not get new life which is foreshadowed in clouds


Question #3 When Mrs. Mallard goes to her room alone, what kind of feeling does she experience? Why does she fight this feeling?

Feeling 1- her first true reaction

she weeps. she is genuinely grief stricken
- she will cry again at his funeral


#3 cont...
Why does she fight this feeling?

she starts to fight this feeling by feeling
- peace, freedom, happiness, relief
-- she's been there, done that (she's supposed to grieve "forever" for the rest of her life


Question #5
Discuss the kind of relationship that Mrs. Mallard has w/ Mr. Mallard. Was their marriage a loveless and heartless one? Why or why not?

They had a relationship of:

Love and convenience (heartless)
- we can assume he's older than her
- he needs her to procreate
- evidence he loves her in para.12
1. she will weep again at his funeral
2. his hands are described as "kind tender hands"
3. always looked at wife lovingly
4. he treated her fairly well


#3 continued...
how was there marriage of convenience?

Mrs. Mallard married him out of convenience
- she grew to love him
- she didn't love him when she wanted freedom


# 3 continued...
Part 2 of question 3 Why does she fight this feeling?

if society knew she didn't grieve and she was happy, she would be shunned
- she has an internal celebration and fully accepts husband's death