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Senatorial Courtesy

An unwritten tradition whereby the Senate will not confirm nominations for lower court positions that are opposed by a senator of the president's own party from the state in which the nominee is to serve.


Writ of Certiorari

An order by the Supreme Court directing a lower court to send up the record in a given case for its review.


Rule of Four

The Supreme Court will hear a case is four justices agree to do so.


Solicitor General

The solicitor general is responsible for handling all appeals on behalf of the United States government to the Supreme Court.


Amicus Curiae Brief

A "friend of the court" brief filed by an interest group or interested party to influence a Supreme Court decision.


State Decisis

State decisis is a Latin phrase meaning "let the decision stand." The vast majority of Supreme Court decisions are based on the precedents established in earlier cases.


Judicial Restraint

Philosophy that the Supreme Court should use precedent and the Framers' original intent to decide cases.


Judicial Activism

Philosophy that the Supreme Court must correct injustices when other branches of government or the states refuse to do so.


Appellate Jurisdiction

The authority of a court to hear an appeal from a lower court.