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who's part of the PCHT

-gp partners
-gp assistants and other doctors
-gp registrars
-practice nurses
-practice managers
-comminuty nurses
-health visitors
-macmillan nurse
-nurse practitioners


examples of an allied health professional



what is a care manager

they are experts in working with individuals to identify their goals and locate areas for special servies


what are factors for the PHCT

-polictal pressure
-development of new and extended professional roles
-growing number of ageing patients


what should a good team PHCT

-recognise and include patient as a member
-establish a common agreed purpose
--agree teamwokring conditions
-ensure each team member understands and achknowldges the skills and knowledge of the team
-pay particular attention to commmunication
-select a leader based on leadership skills
-promote teamwork across health and social care