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What was the Roman word for the baths

The Thermae


What would you use a strigil for

A Strigil was used for scraping off oil from the body — i.e. a way of cleaning yourself


What would you do in the apodyterium and the palaestra

The apodyterium was used for changing; the palaestra was an exercise area


What activities could take place in the palaestra?

Wrestling, fencing, boxing, swimming, ball games (trigon)


What was the caldarium?

This was the hottest room - It was necessary to wear wooden-soled shoes


What was the frigidarium?

This was the coldest room where if you were brave enough you would take a cold plunge


How many bath houses were there in Pompeii?

There were three: Stabian, Forum and Central Baths


Why was the roof of the caldarium dome-shaped

This was dome shaped to prevent condensation dripping onto the people below


Why were the baths so important to everyday Pompeiians?

The hot climate and the lack of washing facilities at home / sanitation meant baths were important in terms of hygiene; they offered relaxation from the bustling city and a chance to socialise and exercise.
Being smart and well-groomed improved our social standing


What would you find around the outside of the baths ?

There were food and drink shops operating outside, although slaves did sell
such goods inside


What would a Pompeiian bring to the baths?

Oil flask (ampulla), strigil, comb, towels, and a slave if you were rich enough


Were the thermae open to all Pompeiians?

Yes — but you did have to pay a small entrance fee (this was sometimes covered by politicians seeking re-
election). However the cost of the oil used meant that the poor were deterred from frequent bathing


When would you visit the baths?

You normally took a bath in the aftemoon after finishing work-Pompeiians worked in the morning. It was popular to meet business clients there before the cena evening meal


How were the baths used for business?

They were an ideal place to conduct business meetings (there were few offices), and meet one's host before dinner. Other forms of business which took place ranged from masseurs, hair pluckers and even politicians seeking votes.


What did Seneca complain about regarding the baths?

People jumping into the pool; the hair pluckers; the cries of the sausage sellers.


Describe how the hypocaust worked

A furnace, worked by slaves, produced heat that circulated under the raised floor of the baths due to columns. Vents (or flues) allowed walls to be heated since heat rises. The furnace also supplied hot water to the caldarium; these two rooms were located next to each other