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What was the Treaty of Versailles?

The leaders of the victorious allies met in Paris to decide how to deal with the defeated powers.


Who were the leaders who made the decisions at the Treaty?

The Big Three: Clemenceau (France), Lloyd George (Britain) and Wilson (USA).


How did France feel towards Germany?

France really hated Germany due to all of the devastation that occurred in North-East France due to fighting. There had also been different conflicts before the War between Germany and France so France saw Germany as their worst enemies.


What was the mood in the victorious countries in 1919?

Everybody blamed Germany for the outbreak of the war and Germany needed to pay for what it had done.


How did Britain feel towards Germany?

Both countries were very similar (Kaiser Wilhelm was Queen Victoria's grandson, therefore the royal family was quite German and they were both quite often on the same side, eg. fighting Napolean). Germany was also a main source of trade for Britain so if Germany was punished too badly, they would stop a main passage of trade.


How did the USA feel towards Germany?

America's economy had boomed as a result of the war, a huge contrast to the other countries, and they did not feel it necessary to punish Germany too badly. Wilson was very idealistic: he wanted a perfect world, so he didn't want to punish Germany too badly. He wanted to fix it.


What were the five outcomes of the Treaty of Versailles?

War guilt, reparations, German territories and colonies, Germany's armed forces and the League of Nations


What did the Big Three decide to do about war guilt?

Germany had to take the blame for starting the war


What did the Big Three decide to do about reparations?

Germany had to pay for the damage done by the war (£6.6 billion). This money would go first to Belgium, then France, then Britain, then the USA. Russia didn't get any money.


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