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Negative Universal Argument

`C--` or `M--`
Before any command, when `M-d` will kill next word, `M-- M-d` will kill previous


Help during prefix commands

For commands "grouped" together by common prefix (like special characters under `C-x 8 ...`) you can find all possible "endings" with `C-h` (`C-x 8 C-h`)



`C-h a` `apropos-command` .
and slightly more general `apropos` which will also search through functions and variables.
Will perform a general search for keywords in commands and its documentation.


Function description

'C-h f` will show docs generated from code comments.
`C-h F` will try to show full documentation (in plain English).


Find key bindings.

`C-h w` `where-is`.
Will display key bindings to given command.


Find command under some keys.

`C-h c` `describe-key-briefly` just in minibuffer.
`C-h k` `describe-key` for “full” documentation.
Could be used if you would like to modify or learn more about often used key binding. To learn more just `C-h k C-h k`.


View messages.

`C-h e` will display message buffer. Also accessible as any other buffer `C-x b *mess...`