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What are the three main themes in NLMG?

Identity, nostalgia and friendship


What does NLMG show?

What happens to a society that is allowed to use scientific experimentation freely and without considering the moral implications


What does Kathy recall about the trip to Norfolk and Ruth's possible?

“The way I remember it, sightings of possibles tended to come in batches. Weeks would go by with no one mentioning the subject, then one reported sighting would trigger off a whole spate of them,”


What does Ruth say when she discovers the woman in the office wasn't whom she was cloned from?

“A bit of fun for you maybe, Tommy,” Ruth said coldly, still gazing straight ahead of her. “You wouldn’t think so if it was your possible we’d been looking for.'”


What do the student's 'collections' hint at?

Their individuality


How is the theme of identity shown in the novel?

The students’ keenness to find their possible

The importance of the Collections in the students’ lives

The need to have artistic talent as a way of projecting a unique identity


What does Kathy say about her memories?

“The memories I value most, I don’t see them ever fading. I lost Ruth, then I lost Tommy, but I won’t lose my memories of them.”


What structural device helps show the theme of Nostalgia

The non-linear plot and use of flashbacks


How is the theme of Nostalgia shown in the novel?

Kathy’s constant comments about her past
the comments

Kathy makes about the importance of allowing herself to reminisce


How is the theme of Friendship shown in the novel?

Kathy’s determination to be a carer for past
Hailsham students

the way Kathy, Ruth and Tommy are reunited near the end of the novel


How is Kathy's determination to be a carer for past Hailsham students shown?

“… I started seeking out for my donors people from the past, and whenever I could, people from Hailsham.”