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General Systems theory

examines the impact of the environment on individuals via the social systems.

The dynamic interaction of the components such that a chance in any part of the system affects the rest of the system but does not necessarily determine the total system. True linear cause and effect don't exist.

Responsibility not on client but within and throughout the system. Humans are active, purposeful, goal seeking organisms. So both people and environment.



steady state order necessary for movement



when out put from systems is put back into the system


Ecological model

interrelatedness between folx and the environment. duality of person/environment.

Adaptiveness: goodness of fit with the environment the adaptive balance of invididuals strenghts

stress: Environmental demand perceived as challenge associated with positive feelings or discrepancy between the demand and capacity for coping with it associated with negative feelings (stress as distress)

Coping: Psychological and behavioral response that is set in motion as a result of the experience of emotional distress.. Effective coping patterns lead to the elimination of stress.