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Describe the characteristics of a theory X manager

Believes that individuals are
-lazy and not happy with job
-need close supervsion
-a hierarchical structure is needed with narrow span of control
-rely heavily on punishment/reward system to control employees
-usually exercised in professions where promotion is infrequent/impossible and the labour is repetitive and mundane


Describe a theory Y manager

Management assumes that employees
-can be ambitious
-will seek learning and responsibility in proper circumstances
-the satisfaction of doing a job is a strong motivation
-managers communicate openly with subordinates and limit the difference in relationship between superiors and subordinates
-share decision making


Advantages of the theory

Can identify different styles of leadership that work better for different employee groups in order to increase output


Disadvantages of the Theory

-Theory X develops resentment and distrust
-Theory Y is difficult to uphold and implement in reality
-The theory works on assumptions that may not play out the same in real life