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*Enter SL and see Georgia

Oh Georgia, there you are.


Cioffi: Then im sorry, Georgia, I have no choice but to book you on suspicion of murder

Hold on a second


Cioffi: Miss Hendricks, you will have to come with me.

Wait a second, Lieutenant. I'm who you want


Cioffi" You're confessing to the murders, Mr. Fox?

You heard what I said


Georgia: Think about what you're doing

I have, this is a great thing thats happening in your life. Im not important now.


Cioffi: Very noble, and yet you're on record as being dead set against georgia taking this role

No, I just said that because I knew if she took the part, she wouldnt have time to write with me, to be with me. Thats how Sidney got me to work for nothing. It was the only way I knew to be near her again. Stuck oout of town together, huddled over a piano each night.. who knows what might have happened?


Georgia: But thats how Sidney got ME to work on the show, Aaron, I wanted the same thing

You Did?


Georgia: I do

But... you and Bobby


Georgia: No. Forget that

I dont understand


Georgia: I didnt want you to. Not until I knew how you felt. But you seemed as preoccupied as ever with your music

because our songs were the one place you and I were still together


Georgia: Aaron, you said OUR songs

Our Songs, our life. What was I thinking when i let you slip away? Oh yeah, i was THINKING OF ME...


Cioffi: Guess the jokes on me

Umm, Lieutenant, I hereby officially un-confess to everything except being a fool


Jonnie: Aaron, our director needs to see you, on the double

Im excused?


Cioffi: Go

I'll see you downstairs, partner?