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What are two pitfalls of the AP thoracic radiograph?

1) Upper thoracics are surrounded by lucent lung fields *=high contrast
2) Lower thoracics are surrounded by dense abdomen *=low contrast


What are 3 pitfalls of the Lateral Thoracic view?

Lower thoracics surrounded by dense abdomen
Mid thoracics surrounded by lungs *=radiolucent
Upper thoracics surrounded by arms, shoulders, scapula *=very radiopaque (32)


What area is best visualized I
On a swimmer's lateral view?

Cervicothoracic junction


Which pars interarticularis (right or left) are visualized in a RPO? LPO?

RPO shows Right pars interarticularis
LPO shows Left pars interarticularis


What is the minimal diagnostic series for the pelvis region?



Which margin of SI joint (anterior or posterior) is more lateral in AP view?

Anterior (68)


In thoracic kyphosis, where are the measuring lines drawn?

Parallel to superior end plate of T1 and inferior end plate of T12. Then perpendicular lines are drawn and angle measured. (71)


Where are measurements taken in thoracic cage dimensions? What are minimum distances for "normal"?

Measured from posterior sternum to anterior surface of 8th thoracic vertebral body.
9cm females
11cm males


Where are Lumbar lordosis lines drawn? What angle is "normal"?

Parallel lines are drawn from superior end plate of L1 and base of sacrum. Perpendicular lines then drawn and angle measured.
"Normal" is 50-60 degrees
(Significance is debated) (72)


What are the standards for the Lumbar gravity line?

Find center of L3 body
Vertical line should intersect anterior 1/3 of the sacral base, and should not be more than 10mm anterior to the base (74)
*this is a rough estimate of ant. or post. weight bearing


What is grade 5 of Meyerding's Spondylolisthesis Grading called?



What does Ullman's line indicate?

Anterolisthesis (75)
Line drawn along sacral base, another is drawn perpendicular. L5 should be posterior to or just contact the perpendicular line


What is Eisentstein's method for Sagittal Canal Measurement?

Line drawn from SAP to IAP, measure from that line to posterior vertebral body; should be greater that 14-15 mm
Indicator of Spinal Stenosis