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Indications of thrombophilia work up (4)

- Unprovoked thrombo-embolism (after therapy)
- Recurrent thrombo-embolism (after therapy)
- Neonatal purpura fulminans (acute)
- Strong family history of thrombophilia, in child able to consent


Definition of antiphospholipid syndrome

Presence of vascular thrombosis (at least 1 venous, arterial or microvascular thrombosis) or pregnancy complications (fetal loss or placental abruption)
Persistent antiphospholipids Ab (­at least 12 weeks apart)


Laboratory testing of lupus anticoagulants

1) Abnormal results of a phospholipid dependent test e.g. aPTT, RVVT
2) Absence of correction with mixing study
3) Confirmatory test, usually with addition of excessive exogenous phospholipids


Thrombolysis contraindications

Active bleeding
Recent head injury
Recent trauma or surgery
Recent childbirth
Recent cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Congenital bleeding disorder
Uncontrolled systolic hypertension


What is the starting dose of warfarin?

0.2 mg/kg
(For patients post-Fontan or with liver dysfunction, start with 0.1 mg/kg)
Then adjust as per INR