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the author of the catcher and the rye, J. D. Salinger, dies

sympathetic understanding of aduelescence and distrust of adult world


challenger explodes after liftoff

one of the defining tradies of the decade and reinforced Ronald Reagan as "the great communicator


kansas enters the union

during the civil war, kansa suffered the highest rate of fatal causualitites of any union state, largely because of its great internal divisions on the issue of slavery


viet cong attack US Embassy

Tet offensice, a squad of Viet Cong guerillas attack the US embassy in Saigon


Immigration act passed over wilson's veto

the law required a literacy test to immigrants and barred asian laborers


french and indian war ends

strengthend the 13 americann colonies by removing european rivials to the north and south


yalta conference ends

with victory over germany three months away, churchhill and stalin were more intent on dividing eurpoe into zones of political influnence thatn in addressing military coonsiderations


abraham lincoln is born

his greatest legacy were his works to preserve the union and his signing of the emancipation proclamation


teddy roosevelt discusses america's race problem

it ws not until lydon b johnson passed te civil rights act in 1964 that government efforts to correct racial basis would be encoded into lalw


st valentines day massacre

many question whether the sin of temperance outweighed the evil of prohibition gansters


know nothing convene in philadelphia to nominate its first presidential candiate

nativist societies to combat 'foreign' influences in american society


FDR signs executive order 9066

more than 110,000 japanese americans were relocated to remote intermment camps


nixion goes to china for talks

improving relations with china would allow him to inject more fluidity into the internation environment and offset the growing power of the soviet union


marbury v madison establishes judicial review

the ability of the supreme court to limit congressional power by declaring legislation unconstitutional in the new nation


AIM occupation of wounded knee begins

demands were made that the US Senate launch an investigation of Indian treaties broken by the US government


congess passes the missouri compromise

a bill granting missouri statehood as a slave state under the condition that slavery was to be forever prohibited in the rest of the lousiana purchase north of the 36th parallel (maine formal apart of massachussets, was admitted as a free state)


FDR inaugurated

new deal- an expansion of the federal government as an instrument of employment, oppruntunity , and welfare.