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The transition of an individual’s inner-self, although confronting, causing short-term discomfort and conflict, can result in long-term resilience and self-empowerment. This is explored in J.C. Burke’s bildungsroman novel ‘The Story Of Tom Brennan’ (2005), which highlights the unexpected transition to self-empowerment in one’s life as a result of a metamorphic event. Similar themes are reflected in Aubrey Graham’s 2014 short film ‘Jungle’, which inversely reflects upon the rise of Aubrey in the public eye, which leads to his own personal downfall. Through shrewdly manipulating medium, textual form, and language appropriate to its audience and purpose, both composers effectively explore how transitions can ______.


Mumbilli To Coghill #1 - Metaphoric Imagery

“I just couldn’t get in step with life here.”

The step can act as a mechanism, allowing Tom’s movement of homes to trigger an insight of knowledge through entering unfamiliar worlds.


Mumbilli To Coghill #2 - Recurring Flashbacks

"Mumbilli only had a Kentucky Fried, but it was a top ne"

This line accentuates Tom's underlying recognition of the differences between Mumbilli and Coghill, and Tom's attachment to his past, remeniscing about his old hometown.


Relationship With Brendan - Ritualistic Morning Runs/Motif

Tom's ritualistic morning runs with his uncle Brendan. "The Ascent led all the way to heaven". The Ascent - Motif. // "And you talked all the way up too."

‘The Ascent’ acts as a symbol of Tom’s will to overcome adversity and allows him to set new expectations through the various challenges he comes across. The emphasis placed on Tom’s perseverance through the hardships he continually faced consequently resulted in growth and maturity for Tom, which allowed a self-accounted transition. Tom's morning runs and the Ascent present a parallel with his conquering of social barriers. This is made evident in the line "And you talked all the way up too", in which Brendan sarcastically recognises the change in which Tom has made between his initial state and his completed transitional state.


Change Of Self #1 - The Cave

Use of darks colours - 'black'.

The use of the colour black throughout the book presents the state of despair which Tom is experiencing after the accident. The "grubby, shit-coloured walls" represents the negative aura which Tom surrounds himself whilst isolating himself from society. His segregation of self from others accentuates the impact which the accident had on him as a person, and his inability to live his usual life as a result of it.


Change Of Self #2 - Restoration Of Self

"And that was the day that Tom Brennan came back forever"

This line, which closes the novel, accentuates the successful restoration of his true self, and how he can return to his normal lifestyle.