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Self Discovery #1 - Off-screen Action

The killing of the fish


Self Discovery #2 - Colour Saturation

The colour shift of the fish as it becomes green and slowly dying


Self Discovery #3 - Camera Shot

The close-up shot of Pi's pained expression as he witnesses the fish die as a result of his actions


Spiritual Discovery #1 - Biblical Allusion + Body Language

Pi's body language as he shouts to the heavens, arms spread, alludes to the crucifixion and suffering of Jesus Christ


Spiritual Discovery #2 - Dialogue + Apostrophe

"I surrender...what more do you want from me?"


Spiritual Discovery #3 - Symbolism

The light shining through to stormy sky


Emotional Discovery #1 - Close-Up Shot

A close-up of the tiger's reflection again blurs the boundaries between earth and sky and gives a spiritual quality to the dream.


Emotional Discovery #2 - Magical Realism

Magical realism is used to explore the magic and wonder of the universe in the bestiary that emerges from the body of the whale.


Emotional Discovery #3 - Symbolism + Camera Shot

The use of Pi's perspective throughout the dream-like montage of CGI images


Physical Discovery #1 - Camera Shot

Panning across the surface of the island, followed by a closeup of Pi's reaction to finding food // The wide, long shot of the island at night symbolises Pi's experience with being isolated and adrift at sea.


Physical Discovery #2 - Metaphor/Symbolism

The island and his interaction with the meerkats, although acting as a place of comfort and a safe haven for Pi, was what could potentially kill him


Physical Discovery #3 - Colour + Lighting

The shift in colour and lighting of the bioluminescent pools