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Children aged up to 3 years

● Breast feeding is best nutrition
● Drinking from free-flow cup from 6 months and discourage bottle feeding
● No added sugar to weaning foods
● Brushing supervised by parents/carer
● As soon as teeth erupt, brush 2x daily
● Brush last thing at night and on one other occasion
● Smear of fluoridated toothpaste at least 1000ppm
● Frequency and amount of sugary food reduced
● Sugar-free medicines


All children aged 3-6

● Brush 2x daily with fluoride toothpaste >1000ppm
● Brush once at night and one other time
● Use only a pea-sized amount
● Frequency of sugary snacks and drinks should be reduced
● Spit don't rinse after brushing
● Sugar free medicines should be recommended
● 2.2% NaF fluoride varnish 2x a year


Children aged 0-6 giving concern

● Fluoridated toothpaste containing 1360-1500 ppm
● Smear/pea sized amount
● Sugar-free medicine to minimise carious effect
● 2.2% NaF fluoride varnish 2-3x a year
● Diet diary
● Reduce recall interval


All patients from 7 years old to young adults

● Brush at least 2x daily
● Last thing at night
● Fluoridated toothpaste 1360-1500ppm
● Spit don't rinse
● Reduce frequency of sugary food and drink


Patients (7-young adult) giving concern

● Fluoride mouth rinse 1x daily 0.05% NaF
● 8+ years with active caries prescribe daily fluoride rinse
● Fissure sealants on PMs
● 2.2% NaF fluoride varnish 2+ x a year
● 10+ with active disease prescribe 2800ppm fluoride toothpaste
● 16+ with active disease prescribe 2800 or 5000ppm
● Diet diary


All adult patients

● Brush 2x daily with fluoridated toothpaste at least 1350ppm
● Spit don't rinse
● Reduce frequency and amount of sugar intake


Adult patients giving concern

• Use a fluoride mouthrinse daily (0.05% NaF) at a different time to brushing
• For those with active coronal or root caries I
prescribe daily fluoride rinse
• For those with obvious active coronal or root I caries prescribe 2,800 or 5000 ppm uoride toothpaste
• Investigate diet and assist to adopt good dietary I practice in line with the Eatwell Guide