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Contrast the theme : Bravery

Contrast the characters of Banquo and Macbeth - both are brave, but how differently do these characters develop? ACT 1, SCENE 2.


Try to link themes

For example, try to talk about gender roles in shakespeares times.


Writing about Leadership

Duncan’s leadership contrasts entirely with Macbeth’s. Duncan is trusting, Macbeth is suspicious.


Writing about tragedy

Shakespeare does not represent Macbeth as a bad person. At the start of the play he has good qualities. He changes throughout under the witches prophesy and his wife. His tragedy his betraying the king.

GOOD AND EVIL - interests us.


Writing about Lady Macbeth

She taps into the supernatural world. Lady Macbeth is determined to bring out theirs prophecy. She calls on the spirits to parallel the witches spell.


Writing about Macduff

He illustrates his ‘noble passion’ and raises the question on his judgement.
Write about his flee to England. Was it the right thing to do? Balance it out. Would he rather fight with Macbeth than protect his family?


Writing about Banquo

Banquo is the complete opposite to Macbeth. He is seen as a warrior also seems to stand up for honour and integrity.


Writing about the witches

Focus on how Shakespeare’s presents them. Are they male or female? They do not change throughout the play.