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What are the first signs of damp?

Dark patches, bubbling on surface and an odour


What is rising damp?

Moisture rising up from the ground through capillary action


What are the symptoms of rising damp?

Crumbling or stained plaster, peeling paint or wallpaper, decaying skirting boards and floorboards


How do you treat rising damp?

Identify source of water
New membrane or damp course


What is damp-proof course?

Water repellent materials injected into affected areas to increase density


What is penetrating damp?

Moisture present in fabric of building that has come from somewhere other than the ground such as defective guttering, leaking roof, cracked rendering or poor pointing


How do you treat penetrating damp?

Apply a weatherproof coating


When does condensation occur?

When there is a high level of humidity within the property


Sub-floor ventilation?

Ground floor of property has floorboards with a void beneath them there must be sufficient ventilation to avoid timber becoming damp or decaying.

Instal vents in walls.

Careful not to obstruct such as a shed wth concrete base or extension.


What is dry rot?

Decay to timbers caused by fungus


Is dry rot usual in modern properties?

No. Building regs state timbers must be kiln dried


How do you treat dry rot?

Replace timber


What is wet rot?

Decaying timber due to high levels of moisture


Wha causes wet rot?

Structural defects such as leak of damaged membrane


How do you prevent wet rot?

Ensure all timbers are adequately painted and treated with a waterproof timber preservative


Are chimney stacks vulnerable to movement?



What are the issues when chimney breasts are no longer used?

Moisture can build up and penetrate through internal wall causing staining


If any part of a chimney has been removed, what does a surveyor check for?

He will check to see that chimneys above have been removed and are properly supported


What is tree subsidence?

When the tree roots suck the moisture from soils such as X


What is woodworm?

When beetles bore in to timbers eating through causing damage.


What are termites?

White ants that eat away at timbers.


What are the five building regulations stages for loft conversions?

Structural stability - new ceiling joists must be in place to carry the weight of the room.
Fire safety - must be fitted with a self-closing fire resistant for 30 minute door.


What is subsidence?

Where to ground beneath the property drops unevenly.


What is heave?

Where underground forces cause the ground beneath the property to rise unevenly.


How do you treat subsidence?

Usually the foundations would need to be underpinned which is where large concrete supports are placed under the existing foundations.

Alternatively, piling could be another solution which is concrete or steel posts driving in to stable ground preventing the foundations from moving.


What is a party wall?

These are walls that are shared with. Next door neighbour.


What is radon gas?

A colourless, odourless and tasteless gas.


What is an undertaking?

Is advised in the survey that a property requires minor work such as decorating.


What does a NHBC type of certificate/warranty cover?

First two years is anything that goes wrong. Years 3 to 10 only main structural defects are covered such as subsidence etc.


What are the issues of buying a new build property?

1. Builders/Developers are profit driven potentially leading to poor quality materials and workmanship.
2. Potential for building on poor land quality such as flood plains.
3. Build can be delayed
4. One-off builds could lead to misrepresentation leading to inaccurate value.
5. Mortgage offer may expire prior to build completion


What are the disadvantages of buying off-plan?

1. Risk of over-supply affecting property value.
2. Potential fluctuations in market and interest rates.
3. Potential delays in completion
4. May not be possible to secure an interest rate on mortgage


What are the advantages for buying off-plan?

1. Locked in price with potential to make money on a rising market
2. Delay in completion allows purchaser more time to secure funds/finance
3. Choice of finishes; i.e. kitchen, bathroom, colour schemes etc.