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Application software

Programs designed for an end user to do a particular task,such as word-processing and spreadsheet,programs

Application software enables the computer to do a particular task,such as word processing


System software

Includes the operating system and all utility programs that enable the computer to operate its hardware and applications software

System software:
-Is the interface between computer hardware and user application
-Enables the computer to operate its hardware and applications software
-Includes the operating system and utility programs


Real-Time processing

Processing of data occurs immediately after data is input and updating occurs before the next input occurs

Applications which use real-time processing include:
-Airline/concert booking systems
-Online stock control systems
-Air traffic control systems


Batch processing

Data is collected over a period of time,such as a day,and is processed together at later time,such as overnight

Applications which use batch processing include:
-Billing systems (e.g. electricity/gas/telephone)
-Payroll systems (on a weekly on monthly basis)
-Banking systems (producing monthly customer statements)


Multi-user system

It involves many users at different computers each sharing a processor.The operating system switches between computers,giving each one a 'time slice'

Applications which use Multi-user systems include:
-Multi-user database management systems


Utility application

A program that preforms a very specific task in managing system resources,such as a backup program


Disc defragmentation

-Rearranges the data stored on a hard disc so that files are stored in adjacent blocks
-All the free blocks (free storage space) are together in the same part of the disk
-Speeds up the time it takes to access files because all the data is stored in the same area of the disk


Task scheduling

-Processor time is divided amongst a number of tasks
-Uses time slices
-Implemented using a 'round robin' method


Data backup and restore

-A second copy of a file made and stored on a different storage device in case the original file gets lost,or becomes corrupted or physically damaged

Backup is used to restore data to its original state



-Its main purpose is to detect,locate and remove a virus that can infect a computer system
-A virus is a program that can attach itself to a file and then spread to other files
-A virus can intentionally damage a computer system,prevent it from booting up or slow down the performance of a computer


Role of anti-virus software

-Its main purpose is to detect,locate and remove a virus that can infect a computer system
-Anti-Virus software scans files stored on a computer and data entering a computer system,and compares these to a known database of viruses
-The software can scan all storage devices connected to a computer,such as the internal hard drive,USB memory pens and so on