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The Scottsboro Boys Trial:

9 black males were accused of raping 2 white girls on a train o Memphis, Tennessee
Police had pressured the women into accusing the black men
There was medical evidence to suggest that they hadn't committed the crime
5 of the 9 were charged and sentenced to time in jail, the other 4 were acquitted


Jim Crow Laws:

"Daddy Rice" created fictional black man called Jim Crow in the 1830s
State and local laws enforcing segregation between the races
Continued until 1965
Negroes were punished for associating with white people


Great Depression:

Crash of the trade market
More than 50% of African Americans were unemployed
Hit the African Americans the hardest because of racism and segregation laws


Civil Rights Movement:

A mass popular movement fighting for rights of the African American community
Included MLK, Rosa Parks and Malcolm X
"I have a dream" speech


American civil war:

Between US states to see what kind of nation America would be


Emmet Till:

Occurred 1955, 13 years old boy
Whistled at a white women and got beaten and murdered
Guilty parties were never convicted



Loss of innocence, racism, segregation, morals


Quote 1:

"In our courts, when it's a white mans word against a black mans, the white man always wins"


Quote 2:

"When I said I could do nothing in a dress, she said I wasn't suppose to be doing things that required pants"