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What is density?

Density is how compact a substance is, it relates the mass of a substance to how much space it takes up


What is the symbol for density called?



What is the equation for density?

Density = mass / volume


What are the units of density?

g/cm³ or kg/m³


What does the density of an object depend on?

What it’s made of, density doesn’t vary with size or shape.


What does the average density of an object determine?

Whether the object floats or sinks, a solid object will float on a fluid if it had a lower average density than the fluid.


How do you find the density of a solid object in a regular shape?

•Measure the mass of the solid using a mass balance

•find the volume of a solid prism by finding the area of its base and then multiplying that by the height, so the formula is length x width x height

•use the mass and volume of the solid in the density formula to find the density of the object.


How do you find the density of a liquid?

• Use a mass balance to
measure the mass of an empty measuring cylinder.

•pour the liquid you want to find the density of into the measuring cylinder, then measure the mass of the cylinder again and the difference in mass is equal to the mass of the liquid.

•read the volume of the liquid from the measuring cylinder’s scale.

•then use the density formula to work out the density of the liquid


How many cm³ is 1ml?

1 cm³