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Physical Topology

Describes the way the network is wired


Logical Topology

Describes the way in which messages are sent



Consists of a trunk cable with nodes wither inserted directly into the trunk or tapped into the trunk using offshoot cables called drop cables.


Bus Facts

* Signal travel from node to all other nodes
* A device called a terminator is placed at both ends of the trunk cable
* Terminators absorb signals and prevent them from reflecting repeatedly back and forth on the cable.
* It can be difficult to isolate cabling problems
* A broken cable anywhere on the bus breaks the termination and prevents communications between any devices on the network



Connects neighboring nodes until they form a ring. Signals travel in one directions around the ring; each device on the network acts as a repeater to send the signal to the next device


Ring Facts

* Installation requires careful planning to create a continuous ring
* Isolating problems can require going to several physical location along the ring
* A malfunctioning node or cable break can prevent signals from reaching nodes further nodes further along on the ring.



Uses a switch a hub or switch to connect all network connection to single physical location. It is the most popular topology for a LAN


Star Facts

* All network connections are located in a single place, which makes it easy to troubleshoot and reconfigure
* Nodes can be added to or removed from the network easily
* Cabling problems usually affect only one node



Exists when there are multiple paths between any two nodes on a network. Mesh topologies are created using point-to-point connections. Increases the network's fault tolerance because alternate paths can be used when one path fails
* Impractical for in standard LAN


Partial Mesh

Some redundant paths exist


Full Mesh

Every node has a point-to-point connection with every other node


Logical Topology: BUS
Physical Topology: BUS/STAR

Messages ae sent to all devices connected to the bus


Logical Topology: RING
Physical Topology: RING/STAR

Messages are sent from device to device in a predetermined order until they reach the destination device


Logical Topology: STAR
Physical Topology: STAR

Messages are sent directly to (and only to) the destination device


Logical Topology: MESH
Physical Topology: MESH

Messages are sent from one device to the next around the ring until they reach the destination device.