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What is Trauma?

The 3 Es:

1 Event

2 Experienced as threatening and harmful

3 Effects are negative, lasting, and impair functioning


Trumatic experience usually includes:

~ An overwhelming experience

~ Threat to our well-being

~ A sense of vulnerability or loss of control

~ A feeling of helplessness and or fearfulness

~ And impact on belief systems and or relationships


Name the three major periods when psychological trauma surfaced in history:

Hysteria - Freud and Janet

Shell shock - the Vietnam war

Sexual assault and domestic violence - Feminist Movement


In the 1890s, What discovery alleviated the symptoms of traumatic memories?

When traumatic memories were recovered and put it into words it was called the “talking cure.”

So named by Anna O.


In the Vietnam era, what was a rap group for veterans?

Vietnam Veterans formed rap groups as peer support, to talk about their experiences.


Name three Types of traumatic stress:

1. Acute trauma

2. Chronic trauma

3. Complex trauma


What is acute trauma?

Acute trauma is a single traumatic event that is limited in time.


What is chronic trauma?

Chronic trauma is the experience of multiple traumatic events.


What is complex trauma?

Complex trauma is

exposure to chronic trauma,

usually caused by adults entrusted with the child care,

and the impact of such exposure on the child.


How does trauma show up?

The level of stress and trauma is so intense that it can be overwhelming for our bodies to manage.

The bodies alarm system (fight, flight, freeze) affects one’s ability to process information