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What is in an AMPLE history

Allergies, medicines, past medical history, last meal, events leading to accident


What are the different ways c-spine can be cleared and what are the prerequisites of each

Clinical: need pt to have GCS 15, no intoxification, no head injury or neurological abnormality, no pain, no distracting injuries (normal is no midline tenderness, free range of movement and no neurological defect)
Radiological: c-spine xrays and CT


What is a FAST scan and when is it used

Focused abdo sonography for trauma beside investigation, shows you if theres fluid in the abdomen in suspected bleeding
used in blunt abdo trauma, or a stable penetrating injury, and in suspected cardiac tamponade


Where do you bleed from in pelvic injury

Bones, venous or arterial injury, or extra pelvic sources


What visceral injuries can occur in pelvic injury

Bladder, urethral, and rectal


How do you test pelvic disruption

gentle bimanual compression of iliac wings, and AP xray if suspect


What sign indicates an open pneumothorax and what is its management

a bubbling wound, put a asherman valve (sterile dressing with valve) over it
chest drain away from site and then surgical closure


What is a flail chest and what is the respiratory complication

multiple rib fractures cause a mobile segment (draws in on inspiration), v painful, causes "respiratory embarrassment" with shallow rapid breathing can progress to respiratory failure


What findings suggest cardiac tamponade
What investigation is diagnostic

Raised JVP, low SBP, and muffled heart sounds


What are the indications for tetanus prophylaxis

- a clean wound if uncertain vaccination history or had it >10 years ago
- all other wounds, give booster unless had one in last 5 years or give full vaccine to naive pts, and test tetanus immune globulin