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What is depression?

-Sadness apathy and loss of pleasure.

-Too much or too little sleep

-Too much or too little eating
-Decrease energy and libido
-Feeling of worthlessness and guilt
-Occasional halluciantions

-Very prevelant 15-20% of men and 25% of women

-Morbid thought and its usually associated with trauma


What are some features of depressions? What are some oral concerns? MEications side effects?

2-15% of people will turn to suicide.
-usually treatable
-antidepressants are most common
-patients can usually function

Oral concerns:
-Disinterest in personal oral hygiene
-Medication effects
-High plaque and carries rate

-causes xerostomia, brusxism (SSRI especially zoloft)
-Orthostatic hypotension
-Electroconvulsive therapy


What is bioplar disorder?

Manic and depressive episodes.

manic episodes: highly euphoric and engage in dangerous acts. sleepless, rage, psychosis, delusions

Depressive episodes; depressed. Duh.


What are the types of biopolar disorder?

Bipolar I ; severe mood swings from mania to depression

Bipolar II : milder form

Cyclthymic disorder; even milder


What are the prevelance stats of Bipolar disorder?

3-5% of population
-Affects women and men equally
-Symptoms begin in childhood
-Associated with anxiety, conduct disorder, substance use, migraine, thyroid illness, obesity and type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease


What are associated features of bipolar disorder?

-Usually chronic
-approximately 20% risk of suicide.
-Shortens lifespan by 9 years (Due to suicide and risky behavior)
-6th leading cause of disabilty in the world.

-durg abuse
-financial stress
-Can maintain a job if medicated and treated


What are the treatments of bipolar disorder?

Mood stabilizers: lithium


What are the concerns of Bipolar patients when it comes to oral health?

-May complain about procedures
-They are concerned about things that arent there
-May not follow up with treatment
-Always fault finding


What are the side effects of antipsychotics, antidepressants, benzodiazepines and mood stabilizers?

-Anitdepressents: xerostomia and bruxism
-Benzodiazapenes: hyposalivation and xerostomia
-Mood stabilizers: sweet cravings.


What are some medication interactions for Biopolar medications?

-Benzodiaepines augemt other sedating agents
-some antibiotics interfer with mtabolism of mood stabilizers and result in toxicity
-Lithium can increase the sedation of benzodiazepines
-Diuretics and none steroidal anti inflammatory maybe increase lithium toxicity.


What is panic disroder?

-Sweating shaking, plapitations, nausea shaking, shortness of breath, fear of losing control, hot flashes and chills.

youre basically panicking


What are the symptoms of panic attack?

-Recurrent unxpected panic attacks, followed by 1 month or more of worry about having another one
-Can be with or without agoraphobia.
-Prevelance in 1.5-3.5% of people

1/3 to 1/2 of PD have agoraphobia


Is Panic disorder treatable?

yes, depending on duration and severity.
-Antidepressents and benziodazepienes are prescribed
-anxiety can be limiting
-associtaed with specific phobia


What are the oral concerns of PD?

-High anxiety
-Substance abuse
-psychosomatic complaints
-Medication side effects and interactions with other CNS depressants


What is Obsessions

Recurrent and pressitatnt thought and urges.
-Attempt to supress them but they dont go
Common obsessions;
-need for symmetry
-unwanted and intrusive thoughts


What is compulsion?

To act in repetitive behavior in response to obsessions.
-Behavior is aimed to relieve stress of obsession

-hand washing
-list making
-touching and tapping things


What is OCD prevelance?

2.5% of populations and its equal amongest all ethnicities
-Obsessions with blashpemy more prelevant in jews and christians
-equal prevelence in men and women

early onset in men but women after 20s


What are OCD treatments?

Medication SSRIs antidepressent
-Cognetive behavioral treatment


What are OCDs oral concerns?

-Anxiety about germs.
-Disinterest in oral hygiene due to depression
-obsession with facial appearance.


What is schziophrenia symptoms?

-disorganized speech and thought
-bizzare behavior
-inability to plan
-Usually chronic but can be acute and temporary


What is the prevalence with schizophrenia?

Affects 1% of population
-Male onset in teens and early twenties
- Women in mid twenties and early 30s

- initial symptoms drop in grades, sleep problems.
-found in all cultures


Associated features and treatment of schizophrenia?

6-15 will suicide
-difficulty to amanage finances, house and family relationship


What are the oral concerns of schizophrenia?

-Disinterest in oral hygiene
-Impaired finacnes
-dental anxiety
-lack of knoweldgable dentists


What are schizophrenias drug side effects?

-Tardive dyskinesia
-blurred vision

Avoid CNS depressenants causes hypotention and orthostatic hypotension and respiratory depressions


What are anxiety management techniques?

Pre op: explain procedure and consider sedation agent

-Encourage questions
-effective local anesthesia

Post op:
-pain management
-explain possibe complications and precautions.