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Where is Trentino located

South of Alto Adige


What types of location are the grapes planted in Trentino

Both sides of the valley on the slopes and the valley floor.

The valley is wider here than further North.


Describe the climate in Trentino

Dry summers, low rainfall during the growing season.

Mountains to the west side protect the region from the cooling influences of Lake Garda.


What are the main white grape varieties in Trentino.

Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio


In Trentino what is the difference between white grapes grown on the valley floor and the slopes

Valley floor wines tend to be medium acidity and medium bodied with ripe stone fruit flavours.

The higher altitude wines are more akin to the whites from Alto Adige.


What are the two most planted red grapes in Trentino and which locations are they grown in

Merlot and Teroldego (Te-role-day-go)

Mid-slopes and valley floor