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Which Ministry is implementing Eklavya Model Residential Schools in India ?

Ministry of Tribal Affairs


What is the literacy rate among ST population ?



What does Article 46 say about tribal education ?

State shall promote, with special care, the educationaland economic interests of weaker sections of the people, and in particular, of SC and ST


What does Article 29(1) say ?

Provides distinct languages script or culture.


What does Article 154(4) say ?

Empowers the state to make any special provision for the advancement of any socially and
educationally backward classes of citizen or for SCs or STs.


What does Article 275(1) say ?

Grants in-Aids to states (having scheduled tribes) covered under fifth and six schedules


What does Article 350A say ?

State shall provide adequate facilities for instruction in mother-tongue at the primary
stage of education.


What are the objectives of Eklavya Residential Model Schools ?

1. Quality middle school education.
2. Enable them to use reservations
3. Construct infrastructure


What are the challenges ?

1. Tribal Leadership apathy
2. High illiteracy among women
3. Lack of Infrastructure


What are some suggestions to improve it ?

1. Teacher training
2. Regular monitoring by high ranking officials
3. Student safety