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What is the DOD worldwide health care program available to eligible beneficiaries from any of the seven uniformed services?



Premium based health care program avaiable to former TRICARE-eligible members and their eligible family members, unremarried former spouses emancipated children, and unmarried children by adoption or legal custody

The continued health care benefit program CHCBP


What TRICARE progam is designed for ADSM's active duty families, surviving spouses and surviving dependent children with no enrollment fee?



What TRICARE program is available for ADSM working in romote locations with eligible family members living with the sponsor?

TRICARE Prime Remote


What Tricare program is a fee-for-service option receiving care from TRICARE authorized non-network provider, availible worldwide to eligible non-active duty?

Tricare Standard


What TRICARE program offers a perferred provider option in areas with established TRICARE networks, receiving care from TRICARE network providers, and is NOT available overseas

Tricare Extra


Non participating providers that have not accepted the TRICARE allowable charge or file your claims and may charge up to what percent above the TRICARE a charge , and will not be reimbursed

15 percent

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