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How do tropical cyclones form?

warm air rises, cools and condenses to form clouds. These clouds turn into a storm and the warm water fuels the storm to make it stronger


Tropical storms only form between how many degrees North and South of the Equator?

5-30 degrees


If a tropical cyclone develops in the Southern Hemisphere, what direction will it blow?

South Westerly


If a tropical cyclone develops in the Northern Hemisphere, what direction will it blow?

North Westerly


What do warm waters do to tropical cyclones?

Make them stronger


What properties of a cyclone does the Saffir Simpson scale measure?

Wind speed
Storm surge
Damage level


What is a tropical cyclone's source region?

warm waters


How hot does the ocean have to be for a tropical cyclone to develop?

26 degrees or above


What is the coriolis force?

the force which causes a cyclone to spin


what impacts can landslides have?

people: can cause mass destruction and harm
environment: soil can block rivers causing them to flood


what impacts can high winds have?

people: flying debris can kill people
environment: trees can be uprooted and blown over


What impacts can storm surges have?

people:coastal properties can be damaged/flooded
environment: beaches can be eroded and salt water can contaminate farmland and freshwater lakes


how is weather forecasting a good way to prepare for a cyclone?

people can be made aware through TV and radio about any upcoming storms


how is satellite technology a good way to prepare for a cyclone?

mobile phone alerts can be sent out around a large area. This is especially good for the USA who have such a high mobile phone ownership with 103 phones per 100 people.


how is warning systems a good way to prepare for a cyclone?

any weather issues can be detected by places like the National Hurricane Centre or leaflets and posters can be handed out to warn people


how are evacuation stratergies a good way to prepare for a cyclone?

evacuation buildings can be designed to hold large numbers of people in the event of a cyclone or practices can be carried out to increase knowledge of cyclone safety


how are storm surge defences a good way to prepare for a cyclone?

embankments can be built to prevent flooding on low-lying land


what does LIC mean?

low income country


what does HIC mean?

high income country