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Replanting: How many trees will be planted in the next 4 years?

110,000 / One hundred and Ten thousand


Agroforestry: Where are they clearing the forest floor to plant crops in-between the trees?

The Cameroon


Conservation: Where and how many acres of land were bought to last forever as a protected area?

Sierra de las Minas, 600,000


Debt Reduction: How much money did Brazil owe the USA?

$21 million however they changed the debt into using the money to conserve the rainforest


Eco-Tourism: Where does this take place?

In the Amazon Rainforest because it is a large tourist attraction


Commercial Farming: What oil do they commercially farm and how much has the production gone up?

Palm Oil and 16 million metric tons


Road Building: Where is there a road being built and why is a road such a massive problem?

South East Asia/ Malaysia, the problem is that the road allows access for illegal loggers to enter the rainforest


Subsistence Farming: What is the process they use and who is allowed to eat the crops?

Slash and Burn, the farmer and his family


Logging: How much of the Congo rainforest has been allocated for logging and by who?

50%, The Government


Mineral Extraction: What are they mining and how many years do they have of bauxite reserves left?

Aluminium/Bauxite, 10 years


Energy Development: In 1970 what was the demand for electricity, in 2008 what is the demand for energy?

4,000 GWH, 100,000 GWH


Population and Settlement Growth: Between 1956 and 1980 how many hectares of rainforest were set aside for the increasing populations homes?