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Solar Power: How much electricity (to homes) is Tunisia planned to supply to Western Europe?

2 million homes in Western Europe by 2018


Oil and Gas Reserves: How many people work at the reserve and what is the problem?

40,000 people work there and the problem is that they can't supply the workers with enough water


Farming through Irrigation: How much (%) of Egypts irrigated land is it going to increase by?



Mineral Mining: How many kilometres do the ores have to travel from the mining centre?

104 km


Tourism: How many visitors did Marrakech have in 2013?

10.5 million


Crop Selection.....

Using plants that don't need much water for food an example is olives and millet but they need a variety of food to eat.


Drip Irrigation.....

They plant crops in rows and have a hose with small holes in it to slowly drip out water but it is hard to find water in the first place to use.


Tree Planting.....

They plant trees to act as wind breaks and shade for the crops as the weather is so extreme but the trees take a long time to actually grow big enough to make a difference.


Set Aside Compost.....

They set aside land and wait for it to regenerate its nutrients and then add compost to harder to regenerate areas but this can take years and compost is expensive to buy.


Crop Rotation.....

They change the crops they use specifically from a harsh crop that needs a lot of nutrients (carrots) to lighter crops such as corn and wheat but they cannot always get the seeds they need as they cost money and they are in the middle of the desert so not near many garden centres .



They cut grooves into the hillside to control the water from washing away all the soil but it takes a long time of manual labour to dig the grooves by hand because they can't easily access a digger.


Sand Fences.....

They are fences built into the ground made of wood that stop the soil and sand from blowing away and being eroded but it takes a long time to make and is not very efficient.


Solar Cookers.....

They are cookers which use the sun to reflect off a piece of metal and into the cooker to cook some food this is a good way to make the most of the sun and the weather but this does not work at night and only in the middle/ heat of the day.